Does it seem like you and your spouse are always at odds with each other? Do you hurt each other with words you say? Do you threaten each other with ultimatums?

Or, is your marriage feeling, well, BLAH? Has it become boring, for lack of a better word? Does your marriage “tank” seem empty and hollow? Is it the same old thing every day, making you feel like you are in a deep rut?

There are many issues that can affect your marriage if you allow them to. But the good news is that most of these issues go back to one source, your mindset. 

We’ve identified seven beliefs about marriage that, when you work to change them, can make your marriage last “Till death do us part.” When you apply these principles to your marriage, you can reduce the number and intensity of conflicts in your relationship.

Read the blog to gain insight into how these seven mindsets can take any marriage a step forward and a step away from divorce.

Serving God together and working on your relationship with him as well as with your spouse is so important. We have developed a devotional Bible study for couples that helps you do both!

Any couple who wants their marriage to last until “death do us part” can ignite a new spark and improve communication skills by using Marriage Boosters Discussion guides. They will provide you with tools from scripture, science, and common sense that will create more moments to celebrate in your relationship.

Again, welcome to Marriage Confetti. We hope you stick around and become a part of our online marriage ministry!

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