Marriage Confetti Presents...

The Victory in Marriage Workshop

Is there room for improvement in your marriage?

Marriage is challenging. There’s no doubt about it. Satan sneaks in and slowly creates issues that can eventually destroy your marriage. Yet most people wait until it’s too late to look for help.

The best way to improve and protect your marriage is to be proactive and continually work on your relationship. If you are not moving forward, your relationship will start slipping backward.

How would having a marriage you can celebrate affect your life? I mean really celebrate like you would celebrate your favorite sports team’s Championship victory!

You can begin a journey to that kind of marriage by attending our Victory in Marriage Workshop.

Who is the workshop meant for?

We designed the Victory in Marriage Workshop for couples who, no matter how successful their marriages are now, know there is more to marriage than what they are experiencing. Our guiding principles are based on a Biblical marriage mindset mixed with current research about the brain and relationships.

What will we learn?

It's all about teamwork. You and your spouse are a team, like the sports teams you follow and cheer for. But unlike a sports team, there is no option to release your spouse or trade them for another teammate. 

This workshop answers the question, "If we are a team, what do we have to do to have a winning marriage?"

The Transformation

Here’s how things will look different in your relationship after attending this workshop: 

  •    A new perspective: You and your spouse will see each other as equally important teammates in your marriage..
  •   ​A new vision: You will have a purpose for your relationship that you can use as a guide for your decisions and actions as teammates working toward a common goal.
  •   A new plan: You will have new ideas how to make your marriage a winning one.

Workshop Topics

In this workshop, we have three mini sessions with activities that will help you:

  • Build and Strengthen Your Team

  • Determine how to win at marriage

  • Develop a Victorious Marriage Playbook

We're looking forward to sharing the evening with you!

Join us on November 23, 2019, from 6:00-9:00, in the Fellowship Hall of Duncannon Assembly of God to get your team on the field and prepared for a victorious marriage. 

Cost: $25 per couple

If you choose to cancel, you must do so within 48 hours of registration to receive a refund. 

Wear your favorite sports jerseys or team shirts to be eligible for special prizes! There will be concession stands and all snacks are included in your registration.

Your path to a victorious marriage is only one evening away.

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Be a part of this fun evening!

About Marriage Confetti

Hi! We're Dan and Tracey, and we help Christian couples create a successful playbook for their marriages so they can enjoy a marriage that lasts a lifetime and honors God!

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