One Week Marriage Jump-start

This is what you need if you are becoming disillusioned with your marriage.

Do you wish you could recapture the way your marriage was in the beginning?

You went into your Christian marriage with intentions of creating something beautiful and expectations of a lifetime of happiness. And it happened. For a while. Now it feels like the honeymoon is over, and more often than not, your stomach is in knots because it seems like those dreams may have evaporated. 

We can help you change that! Our marriage coaching programs give you: 

  • A new and improved outlook: a more positive and Biblical way of thinking about your marriage. 
  • A marriage improvement blueprint: skills and strategies and a plan to implement them.
  • A personalized marriage toolbox: you can refer to again and again in your marriage.
  • Accountability and prayer support: It's not easy, but you have us behind you cheering you on.

If you are struggling in your marriage, if you've read books about how to fix it, if you've asked your friends, relatives, and pastor what to do, and you still aren't seeing any changes, then this limited time 1 Week Marriage Coaching Jumpstart for couples could be the thing that makes reviving that marriage dream possible. 

God has this miracle for you. We want to help you find it. Read on to find out how!

Hi, I'm Tracey Rosenberger and my husband Dan and I help Christian couples who desire to have a lasting marriage develop Biblically-based marriage skills so that they can resolve conflict effectively, grow more united with each year, and enjoy a Christ-centered marriage.

Here's why I want to work with couples to strengthen marriages in the first place...

  • I've experienced the heartache created by divorce. I've seen it in my own family and relived the pain in the lives of countless kids I had in my classroom.
  • I've seen Christian couples whose marriages were nothing but a shadow of what they had the potential to be.
  • I've read online posts from desperate people in Facebook groups looking for help and getting sympathy and prayers, but not given any practical, continuing support to fix the problem.

I do this because I know that it is very possible:

  • To have a marriage that, although far from perfect, is stable, robust, and committed.
  • To have common goals and work together to achieve them.
  • To be assured that my spouse is completely in love with me, even my flaws.
  • To raise a family in a home where Christ is the head and see my kids become adults who love and serve Jesus.
  • To prioritize my spouse and our marriage over other people and distractions in our lives.

And now you're both ready to make a change!

  • You had almost given up after several failed attempts to improve your relationship, but now you see a new way to build it up.
  • You know that God has a plan for your marriage and you are ready to begin living it.
  • You are motivated by the knowledge that marriage can last forever, even in today's world, and you want to do all you can to make that happen for you.
  • You feel frustrated that you don't have the connection to your spouse you want, and you are eager to create a deeper bond.
  • You know you can't do it alone, and you are ready to have someone step in and walk beside you to guide you and keep you accountable to your promises.
  • You understand that there is no magic bullet to fix your marriage instantaneously, and you are committed to doing the work it will take to bring your marriage back from the brink.

Our One Week Marriage Jump-start Coaching will put Your MARRIAGE BACK ON TRACK!

Our coaching programs are built upon solid Biblical teaching and focus on the command we are given to renew our minds. We believe that when you renew your mind, you renew your marriage. And not only renew it, but also restore it, restart it, recapture it, repair it, reinvigorate it, refresh it, revitalize it, and revive it!

Here's what you get when you sign up for this coaching program from Marriage Confetti.

Private online coaching calls

One 45-minute live online coaching session with my husband and me where we will help you take your first steps toward a new, Biblical way of thinking about your marriage and set goals to help get you there.


One devotional that will make a connection between God's Word and His plan for marriage with the activities we will do together.

Accountability checkups

At least two extra contacts through messaging during the week of the program to check in on your progress and encourage you.

Marriage Toolkit

At the end of the program, you will receive a personalized toolkit of tips and tricks to keep you on track with your goals.

Your new marriage is within your grasp! 

Don't wait another second to start your journey to a marriage worth celebrating.

Answer three short questions so we can evaluate your situation and make sure we are a good fit. We don't want to waste your time or your money if we don't think our services will be beneficial to you.

Here's how your relationship will look radically different after we work together.

You will:

  • You'll eliminate limiting beliefs about marriage that may be holding you back.
  • Operate with a new mindset that helps you react to situations in your marriage in a more constructive way.
  • Catch a renewed vision of what God wants for your marriage.
  • Confidently use the strategies and skills you gained during coaching when you are facing a marital struggle.
  • Agree upon productive marriage goals and follow through on them.

The possibilities are endless!

This one-week marriage jump-start is all about setting you on a successful path to make more of your marriage. We want you to see the miracle God has for your marriage and give you a path to get there.

Are you ready to experience this transformation?

Get started today for just $32! A marriage counseling session can run you up to $150, and you wouldn't get access to your counselor outside of those sessions like you do with us!  

But only the first ten customers will be able to get this incredible deal! After that, this page will come down.

Seriously? Only $32? What's the catch?

Well, we made a boo-boo, and our mistake is your opportunity!

It seems we haven't been asking for testimonials from the people we've worked with. So we are making this one time incredible, never to be repeated offer for this program. All we ask from you is your honest opinion when it's over and allow us to use your experience as a testimonial on our website. 

If you are willing to help us out, we will offer you one week of personalized marriage coaching for ONLY $32. That amount helps to cover the costs of the technology we use to bring this opportunity to you. This is a HUGE reduction in what we usually charge. Normally our smallest package sells for $347!

Get started today for just $32


What's the difference between a coach and a counselor?

  • Coaching is all about setting goals and finding ways to achieve them in your life, whereas counseling is usually about emotional issues.
  • Coaching is about your future. Counseling helps you to work through the hurts of the past.
  • Coaching is solution focused. Counseling is problem focused.
  • Coaching encourages you to find the answers. Counseling usually gives you the solutions for your situation.
  • Coaching comes after counseling. If you worked through a severe issue with a counselor, and you are ready to move forward, that's where we come in! We help you get back on track! Or if you just want to avoid ending up in a place where counseling might be your only hope, we can guide you.

What topics can we address in the One-Week Marriage Jump-start Coaching program?

The list of topics we can work on is endless. Whatever issue you feel you need to work on to improve your marriage is a possible topic for us.

Here are some that may apply to your situation:

  • Bible study and prayer tips
  • How to make more time for each other
  • The problem with the word divorce
  • Managing expectations
  • Building Trust
  • Creating Intimacy
  • Fidelity
  • Love Languages
  • Conflict resolution
  • God's plan for marriage
  • Money and finances
  • Managing the In-laws
  • Setting Appropriate Boundaries
  • What if my spouse isn't interested?

    It is very common for one spouse to reject the idea of counseling. Share with them some of the differences between coaching and counseling. You may be able to convince them that way.

    But we are aware of many instances where the work of one spouse does begin to change the heart of the other. (Love Dare, anyone?) So if you understand that we can only work to help you make changes, and realize that neither you nor we can force these ideas on your spouse and make them react the way you want them to, then we are willing to work with you.

    Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

    It's easy to get advice on how to love your spouse. It's everywhere on the Internet. But it's often difficult to follow through on those ideas. That's where we come in.

    There is no magic bullet that will solve these everyday marital problems, but instead it starts with a mindset about marriage that is positive and based in Biblical truths. Then the path continues with goals, a plan, and accountability.

    So click on the button below and fill out our application for coaching. We'll get back to you within 48 hours. 

    Let's see what we can accomplish in your marriage!

    A journey to a new marriage can begin NOW. Don't wait another second to make it a reality.