This is a crazy time. And you probably feel like you're going crazy too!

The good news is that you can come out of this quarantine better than when you went in.

Are you feeling a bit claustrophobic with everyone in the same house 24/7? You can create an environment of peace and security that doesn't have to end when the quarantine does.

We have several resources that may help, not only your marriage, but also your relationships with your God and your kids. You can also make improvements in yourself that you haven't had time for in the past.

Click on some of our resources below and put them to use. If there is something else we can do, please contact us!

The 5 Ingredients for Peace at Home resource gives you five important actions you can take to create a peaceful and secure home environment for your kids that will last long after the quarantine has ended.

Sign up for our interactive online workshop Create a Family Quarantine Plan. In this workshop, Tracey will guide you as you design a plan to help calm the chaos in your home.  As an retired elementary school teacher, Tracey will help you calm the chaos in your home with a plan that includes schedules, rules, and expectations for everyone.