Come Together Marriage Devotional Finding the Best in your Spouse


This three-book set of devotionals contains four studies from the Bible focusing on speaking well of your spouse, both to them and when they are not there.



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Looking for a way for you and your spouse to study God’s Word together and apply those truths to your marriage?

Come Together Marriage Devotionals are what you need.

You will receive three downloadable Bible study journals with information for four studies on a topic that is relevant to your marriage.

The first two journals are separate books for you and your spouse. Each of these contains introductions to the studies for you to do in your own devotional time.  

Personal Devotional Books for Him and Her

In these books you will complete the following two activities:

***First Focus: Asks you questions that will focus your mind on the topic

***Biblical Background: Provides a portion of scripture that relates to the subject. Doing this portion on your own gives you time to think more deeply about the passage and be better prepared to discuss it with your spouse.

Couples Devotional Book

Once both you and your spouse have completed your parts of the study, you then move to the Couples devotional and work through these sections together.

***Marriage Mission: Explains how the subject matter can improve your marriage.

***Prayer Points: A list of possible prayer points for your marriage. Take time to pray together now, and add some of them to your daily prayers.

This first Come Together Devotional set focuses on finding the good in your spouse and expressing your appreciation for those qualities. You’ll learn how Jesus used compliments in his ministry and how you can use them to improve your marriage.

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Printable Compliment Note Cards

Compliment Your Spouse Game

Scriptures to memorize to build positive communication