Tired of feeling defeated in your marriage?

Try the Positive Marriage Challenge: A five-day challenge to reduce conflict and increase satisfaction in your marriage.

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Looking to Change Your Marriage for the Better? 
This challenge is for you!

Here are some of the results you will see from this challenge:

  • 1
    Train your brain to think more positively in one area of your marriage.
  • 2
    A new focus on forgiveness for yourself and your spouse.
  • 3
    Target your attention on the positive things.
  • 4
    Learn what you need to let go of to improve your marriage.

Look at what you will receive!

You will receive FIVE video lessons , One each day that lasts no more than ten minutes. 

The course comes with a PDF Workbook that you can use to record your results from the daily challenges.

You will also be included in a private Facebook group where I will be active all week helping you succeed!


Don't be Left Behind: Join the Positive Marriage Challenge today! It starts March 18th!

About the Author

Coming from a background where long-lasting marriages were few and far between, I was blessed to marry into a family where love and commitment were treasured. It changed the preconceived notions I had about what a marriage relationship should look like, and made me think about what goes into a happy long-lasting marriage.

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