Marriage Confetti’s

Come Together Devotionals

Are you feeling discouraged? Is there an underlying tension between you and your spouse? Do you feel unappreciated, but you can’t seem to communicate what you need as well as you’d like to. Do you want to find ways to improve your marriage?


What would it feel like to…

?share the most important part of your life, your relationship with Christ, with your spouse?

?find practical ways to live out scripture to improve your marriage?

?have the faith that your marriage will last forever?

?feel like the most important person in your spouse’s life?

?create a strong and stable home for your kids?

It’s ALL possible, with my Come Together Marriage Devotionals! I’ll show you how!

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Why I do what I do

I founded Marriage Confetti when I realized that so many Christian couples were struggling with issues in their marriage that seemed to make them destined for divorce. These couples would look for answers in magazines like Marriage & Family, Today’s Christian Woman, or Called. They asked for feedback in Facebook groups like The Thriving Marriage or Christian Marriage Group – For Better Or For Worse, but they weren’t really finding the help they needed. I’ve been focused on this problem for my entire life, and even though there may not be just one solution, I have found one part of it for you. My Come Together Marriage Devotionals.

My goal for you is that you will see your marriage becoming stronger, closer, and with an understanding of “forever.” I want you to see marriage through a positive, constructive mindset, not letting negative thoughts take over.

I want to give you the tools to prioritize your time for each other and intentionally strive to build one another up. I know that prioritizing your walk with God together will make your marriage even stronger.

Yet I’m also very aware that family life is busy and you may not have time each day to get together and study God’s word.

I’ve always been very aware of the problems that people have in their marriages. I grew up with parents who tried their best, but never really connected in a way that would make the relationship permanent. As a result, they split up ten days after I was married.

From the time I met my husband and asked Jesus into my life, I knew that I wanted something different than they had. I wanted nothing more than to have a happy, successful Christian marriage and raise our kids in the knowledge of God.

I did that. We got married in 1991, and now our kids are both grown, serving God, and just amazing people. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

Now, I want to focus on you. I want you to have what I am so blessed to have. Don’t get me wrong, our marriage isn’t perfect, and we still have improvements to make right along with you. I want to pass on the best Christian marriage information possible to you so that you so that we can learn more together.

I believe with all my heart that couples who serve God together should have the best marriages on the planet.



Here’s what you get!

You will receive three downloadable Bible study journals with information for four studies on a topic that is relevant to your marriage.

Individual Journals

The first two journals are separate books for you and your spouse. Each of these contains introductions to the studies for you to do in your own devotional time.

In these books you will complete the following two activities:

***First Focus: Asks you questions that will focus your mind on the topic.

***Biblical Background: Provides a portion of scripture that relates to the subject. Doing this portion on your own gives you time to think more deeply about the passage and be better prepared to discuss it with your spouse.

Couples Journal

Once both you and your spouse have completed your parts of the study, you then move to the Couples devotional and work through these sections together.

***Marriage Mission: Explains how the subject matter can improve your marriage.

***Prayer Points: A list of possible prayer points for your marriage. Take time to pray together now, and add some of them to your daily prayers.

The first Come Together Devotional set focuses on finding the good in your spouse and expressing your appreciation for those qualities. You’ll learn how Jesus used compliments in his ministry and how you can use them to improve your marriage.





Wait a minute! How about some extra stuff…



If you purchase the Finding the Good in Your Spouse devotional set today, you will also receive three bonuses to help you implement the strategies you learn in the studies into your marriage.

You are Amazing Notecards: Perfect for printing and leaving nice compliments around the house for your sweetie.

My Spouse is Amazing Board Game: Who doesn’t like a game? Especially when you can choose the prizes! ?

Scripture Cards: The focus verses from the study designed to print and hang around the house. Get God’s Word into your mind every day!

These bonuses sell separately for a total of $10.00, but I’m throwing them in for free for a limited time!

Here’s how your marriage WILL begin to look different after you complete this devotional together.

You will:

  1. feel closer to your spouse because of the time you spend together
  2. become more confident in your marriage
  3. have a more positive outlook on your spouse
  4. build a habit of showing your spouse you love them
  5. feel like you are more important to your spouse.

Are you ready to transform your marriage?

Purchase the Come Together Devotional Set for only $21.00,

AND I’m throwing in those $10 worth of extra bonuses.


Got questions?

Here are a few things that you think would stop you from giving the devotional a try. If you have other questions, email me at

***My marriage is fine. We have tough times now and then, but overall, we’re both happy?
Are you sure? I’ve seen a lot of stories lately where one spouse has been blindsided by hearing their spouse announce they are leaving or filing for divorce. The common sense ideas in these devotionals will give you an opportunity to know really.

***My spouse won’t do this with me. They don’t want anything to do with God.
You are the most significant witness of God’s love to your spouse. Don’t you want to make sure you are doing the best you can to demonstrate that love? Even if you do this alone, you can implement the ideas and grow closer to God yourself. More God in marriage is always a good thing!

***We don’t have a lot of time.
Another great thing about these books is that the lessons are easy to fit into any schedule. You complete the first sections on your own, and once both of you have finished them, you can find a time to go over the answers. It fits nicely into a weekly schedule. Do the things on your own during the week, and meet up on the weekend to share!

The progress in your marriage that you have been waiting for is just one month away.

Don’t wait another second to make it your reality!