The Boredom Fraud

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Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Philippians 4:11  

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Philippians 4:11-13

We've all said it. "I'm bored." Whether it's a boring job or a boring marriage, it's something that almost everyone suffers from at one time or another.

That phrase is actually a relatively new addition to the English language, probably not used until the mid-1800s. Before that, people expected a level of tedium, or monotony, in their day-to-day lives. 

Today we are promised almost non-stop excitement through instant entertainment and access to fun activities. And when we unrealistically expect to feel amused 24/7, we consider boredom a negative thing. 

Just being bored is not a sin. However, if you convince yourself that you are bored and boredom is bad, you can let sinful attitudes and choices sneak into your life.

What is boredom? 

Boredom is an emotional or physical state that we experience when we suffer from a lack of mental stimulation, activities, or interest in what's going on around you. It makes you feel listless and apathetic, which in turn, makes you feel like doing even less. 

But why do people get bored?

We get bored for two main reasons. The first is an excess of stimulation in the world today. Our society leads us to believe that more is better. When we don't feel energized by our marriages, we think something must be wrong.

The second is under-commitment, or not wholly giving ourselves over to what we say is important to us. We only give these things about 20% of the attention they deserve. 

You know great marriages aren't a 50-50 proposition. Giving 100% of ourselves to the relationship is necessary if we want our marriages to last a lifetime. If you have let a lack of a daily palpable excitement in your marriage convince you your marriage is doomed, then it probably will be.

How can boredom kill a marriage?

If you are looking at your marriage and find that it doesn't excite you anymore, it's really you that is empty. God gave us marriage to connect to another human being in a special way that we will never be able to with anyone else. It's designed to fulfill us. It gives us someone to balance us out and a way to learn more about God's love. When you lose that wonder, that's when the marriage deteriorates. 

If you have let yourself get bored with your marriage, you probably feel like nothing matters, and there's nothing you can do to get yourself out of the boring rut you've slid into. 

However, marriage is something special, even in the midst of monotony. So, look at the things you do every day in your marriage with a new mindset. Don't think of them as commonplace, but instead view them as small parts of something amazing. Find joy in the little things you do every day as you care for and serve your spouse. That's how God grows marriages. 

Overcome the boredom in your marriage by creating a mindset of wonder for the beautiful plan God has for marriage. Then take actions that will help you add shots of excitement, no matter how small that can keep the word boredom out of your vocabulary when you speak about your relationship. See if intentionally doing these things will change your marriage for the better.

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The Root of Boredom

What makes us get bored with our marriages anyway?

Boredom Cure #1: Service

Learn to identify boredom for what it is, a scheme of the devil to pull your marriage apart.

Boredom Cure #2: Contentment

Satan uses false advertising to keep you bored with your marriage. Learn how to recognize it and stop him in his tracks. 

Boredom Cure #3: Be consistent

Paul reacted to all situations in his life with the same level of faith, satisfaction, and joy because of his faith in Jesus. He was never bored or discontented with his life regardless of what he was facing at the moment. Here's his formula for living that way.

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