Tired of feeling frustrated and stressed out? Take the first step to reducing the negative effects stress has on your marriage!

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Have a Less Stressful  Marriage in Five Days! 

and learn a new way of thinking about your marriage that will help you lay the foundation to a happier and closer marriage.

In this FREE five day challenge you will:

  • Gain a new understanding of your worth in the eyes of God.
  • Learn why changing the way you think about your marriage is possible and the effects it can have.
  • Identify things you need to let go of to improve your marriage
  • Create a plan to make a permanent change in your marriage.
  • Find ways to continue improving your marriage when the challenge is over. 

Look at What You Get

You will receive FIVE video lessons , One each day that lasts no more than ten minutes. 

The course comes with a PDF Workbook that you can use to record your results from the daily challenges.

You will also be included in a private Facebook group where I will be active all week helping you succeed!

Don't be Left Behind: Breakthrough Mindset Barriers and Enjoy Your Marriage More 

starts September 23rd!

I’m Tracey from Marriage Confetti, and I help Christian couples change their way of thinking so they can have the peace and contentment to enjoy their marriage.  I use scripture in tandem with scientifically proven strategies to help them alleviate stress and focus on improving the marital relationship, unlike others who may approach these issues with a secular approach that conflicts with their core beliefs. 

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