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Every 13 seconds a marriage ends in divorce in the United States.


That is 876,000 divorces every year with countless lives affected.

Are you worried your marriage will become a statistic?


When you got married, you never imagined that things would get difficult. You had grand expectations of what marriage would be like, and now you seem to bicker all the time, and you feel like you have grown apart.

Or are you wondering if other marriages are in a rut like yours? They all seem perfect on social media! Is there a better way to do this marriage thing? Maybe you think you’ll be happier with someone else.

Or are you torn because when you married, you made a vow to God and your spouse to love them forever, and the love doesn’t seem to be there anymore. You’re just tired of being married and looking for something new.

Our Devotionals for married couples can be one part of a solution that doesn’t include breaking up your family.



The Faces Behind the Fetti

Hi there! My name is Tracey, and this is me and my husband Dan, who indulged me with one photo of the two of us for this site! 

When my husband and I were planning our future (a long time ago 😜) we made several promises that have kept our marriage on track for 27 years.

God would be the center of our relationship.

Divorce was a word that would never come out of our mouths.

We would always make time for each other above all other people.

Looking back, we did a lot of things right, but there were a lot of things that we could have done that would have made it even better. No marriage is perfect, including ours, and we’re making new strides every day, and we’re inviting you along for the ride! 

Our goal is to give you the resources you need to have a marriage that makes you happy, fulfills you, and keeps Christ at the center of it all, no matter how your relationship seems right now. We will mentor when we can and celebrate the everyday moments as much as possible.


How we can help you

Things won’t change overnight, but with small, intentional changes, you can improve your marriage if you:

Put God first–For real. Not just lip service.

Put your spouse above all other people–Including yourself. And the kids.

Work hard. Have fun.–Yes, you can do both. And you should!


A Different Type of Study

Do you want to improve your marriage so you don’t become a divorce statistic? If so, I have a resource for you and your spouse. Many Christian marriage resources just ask you to read something and discuss it, but this is different. It’s an interactive discussion for you and your spouse that you prepare for ahead of time, leading to much more productive study.

The Marriage Confetti studies are designed to help you discover real actions that you can take every day to make your marriage as close as God intended it to be. Remember the words “One Flesh?”

This study includes two lessons, each giving section of scripture, research-based reasons why you should look for the good in your spouse more often, a discussion section, and ideas to help you pray for your marriage. The lessons are also designed to encourage you in your personal relationship with God.

Click below to purchase Finding the Good in Your Spouse: Interactive Discussion Guide.

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You should print a copy for both of you. Each of you should complete the first part on your own before you meet up to finish the study.

I know that making changes is difficult. It requires time and energy, but your marriage is worth it! So I will be here along the road, kicking you down it whenever necessary. (I mean, gently nudging you along the way.)

There’s no doubt, I tend to be a little blunt, especially when I care about something or someone. And I care about you and your marriage. So get ready for some scripture mixed with science and wrapped up in a lot of common sense. I don’t do fluff, and I say it like it is.

I can’t wait to see what victories you and your spouse will have. No matter if they are small or ginormous, we will celebrate those victories hard.