I believe all marriages are worth celebrating!

Hello! I’m Tracey Rosenberger founder of Marriage Confetti, and I help young Christian couples who desire to have a lasting marriage develop Biblically-based marriage skills so that they can resolve conflict effectively, grow more united with each passing year, and enjoy a Christ-centered marriage.

Do you want to have the marriage that God intended for you?

How would it feel if you could reduce the number and intensity of the disagreements and work as a team?

I want that for you too! I’ve seen too much of what marriage shouldn’t be during my lifetime.

As a child, I was the only child in my family who was probably a little spoiled. I didn’t want for much. But, the one thing that I was missing out on was a solid, stable relationship between my parents. I always wondered when they would finally get a divorce. Notice, I didn’t say “if.” 

My parents had an invisible divorce. They looked like they were married, but there was very little actually connecting them, and neither of them was happy. Eventually, an actual divorce replaced their Invisible Divorce. It happened just ten days after I got married.

My parents’ break-up made me even more determined that my marriage would not end like that. I would make it work, no matter what.

As an adult, I experienced divorces every year through the students in my elementary classrooms. There was a never-ending parade of kids in this situation. Tragically, the percentage of kids who were living with both their parents got lower and lower.

I once gave a writing assignment to my class of fifth graders that came from the Beverly Cleary novel Dear Mr. Henshaw. This book recounted the experiences of a child with divorced parents who writes a letter to his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw, to help him deal with the issues.

One of the questions on the assignment was, “Do you think people with kids should ever get divorced?” I have never forgotten the results.

Every child with intact families said it was probably ok to get a divorce, but every other child in the class who was from a broken home said no. They shared the struggles they had living with parents who no longer live together or even get along.

There was one exception to the rule, a red-headed little girl who had divorced parents. She wrote that it was ok if parents divorced. I need to point out though, that child was in therapy twice a week. I don’t think it was as ok as she said.

These experiences have stuck with me. I’ve seen the sad eyes of kids when the non-custodial parent ignores them, and I’ve seen the ones who played the parents off of one another to get what they want. I’ve seen the frustration they fight when they have to tell me that they left something “at their dad’s house.” I heard about their struggles after they left me and went on to middle school, high school, and then adulthood carrying those scars.

Now, that’s why, after I retired from teaching, I began looking for ways to encourage couples, especially Christian couples, to make their marriages last.

I believe it’s vital that marriages stay together for the sake of the children; it’s just as critical that marriages last for the sake of the spouses too. The effects of divorce can be devastating.

So I began Marriage Confetti to celebrate marriage the way God intended it and to offer support to those of you who are facing a marriage that may resemble an Invisible Divorce or feel like you are traveling down the path to a literal divorce. Even marriages that seem fine now could face problems down the road, and I want to protect everyone I can from that unwanted result.

Some mindset shifts need to take place if you want to improve your marriage. When those we work together to implement these shifts, great things happen.

Couples we have worked with have…

  • Stopped threatening one another with divorce.
  • Decided to get married instead of just living together.
  • Learned how to react to one another in volatile situations.
  • Grew closer to God as individuals and as a couple.
  • Prioritized studying the Bible together.

As we see these people grow a more permanent and mutually satisfying relationship, our faith in God as the healer of all relationships intensifies. I am in awe of what God can do when we believe and put actions to our words.

So why should you listen to what I have to say when it comes to marriage?

I have stayed married for almost 28 years. The average length of first marriages in the United States is only 8.2 years. So, staying married for that long is quite a feat in today’s society. I’ve learned a lot over those years, and you can benefit from my experiences.

Even though my parents’ marriage was not one I wanted to emulate, I have had the privilege of having a model of Christian marriage in my in-laws. Their example is worthy of anyone following.

Along with my husband, I am a certified marriage mentor, encouraged and instructed by Les and Leslie Parrott.

Most of all, I want the best for your marriage, and I know how to make it happen. If you are willing to work, I can teach you the strategies you need to improve your marriage and keep yourself accountable as you implement them.

I am passionate about keeping marriages together. If you want your marriage to be one of them, click below to get started!