Attention, Christian married couples!

There is a better way to do this marriage thing!

On this page, I will show you: 

  • Where to find other Christians to share your journey with... There are others out there just like you.

  • How to improve your marriage skills... (No, you weren't born to be a lousy spouse, and neither was your partner)

  • What a marriage mentor can do for your relationship... and where to get one you can talk to any time.

If you are unsure where to turn to change your marriage, if you feel lost, lonely, or frustrated, if you don't want to divorce, but you don't know what else you can possibly do or say to change the trajectory your marriage is on; then you are about to discover a new way to approach your marriage issues.

The world has convinced us that no one can be successful at marriage. They are WRONG! There is a solution.

What would it feel like to: 

  • Have the confidence that you can deal with issues in your marriage in a constructive way?
  • Be optimistic about your marriage's chances of lasting forever?
  • Fight less often and have less intense arguments when you do?
  • Get a clear vision of where your marriage is going and how to get there?
  • Connect with a group of other Christian married people for advice and support?
  • Have a place to turn to get guidance without being worried that the advice won't be Biblical?

It's ALL possible, inside the Confetti Crew Members Site. I'll show you why!

When you become a part of the Confetti Crew, you will receive:

  • A daily live mentoring Zoom call to put you in the correct marriage mindset to face the day with joy and determination.

  • One online mini-course on a marriage topic of the group's choosing. These courses will help you keep your marriage on track with practical, Biblical information and skills.

  • An online community in which to discuss everything about marriage, make new friends, and keep yourself accountable.

With lots of other features to come!

Who am I?

I'm Tracey Rosenberger, and my husband Dan and I help Christian couples who desire to have a lasting marriage develop Biblically-based marriage skills so that they can resolve conflict effectively, grow more united with each year, and enjoy a Christ-centered marriage.

I started Marriage Confetti because I want to help Christian couples discover or rediscover the joy in marriage.

I do this because I have known the joy of: 

  • having a marriage that, although far from perfect, is stable, robust, and committed.

  • having shared goals and work together to achieve them.

  • knowing for sure that my spouse is completely in love with me, despite my flaws.

  • raising a family in a home where Christ is the head and seeing my kids become adults who love and serve Jesus.

  • prioritizing my spouse and our marriage over other people and distractions in our lives.

I've experienced the heartache created by divorce. I've seen it in my own family and felt it in the lives of countless kids I had in my classroom.

I've seen Christian couples whose marriages were nothing but a shadow of what they could be.

I've read online posts from desperate people in Facebook groups looking for help and getting sympathy and prayers, but not given any practical, continuing support to fix the problem.

Are you ready to step up and prioritize your marriage? What are you afraid of?

I am looking for founding members who are passionate about their marriages and are willing to step up and help get this site up and running. I need your advice, ideas, and openness to make the site a success. It's all about you!

So how much is this going to cost? Since you are a part of my mailing list or online community, I am offering you the opportunity to jump in on the ground floor for only $10 a month. Yes. $10. That's not a mistake.

Here's what you get as part of the Crew, and what you might expect to pay for it outside of the community:

  • The morning coaching calls that will motivate you and give you goals for the day (value $249)
  • One mini-course on a topic that is relevant and requested by the members (value $67)
  • Discussion group to give you access to advice from and fellowship with not only me, but all the other members as well. (Value $100)

That's over $400 worth of marriage resources each month for ONLY $10!

Your price will never increase. I will be raising the price to at least $29/mo within the first few months once we get rolling, but you won't pay that. It doesn't matter how much the membership may cost down the road; you will only pay $10

Most Christians are ready to settle for a marriage that is "just OK" because they just don't think it can get any better.

That is NOT TRUE!

Your marriage can look radically different when you join the Crew and take advantage of all the resources available to you each month that lead you toward a better marriage.

  • You will no longer feel helpless or unsure of what to do next in situations in your marriage. 
  • You will be more confident about the chances of your marriage succeeding.
  • You will be excited about where your marriage is going.
  • You'll have plans of action and the proper mindset to move toward your goals in your marriage.

What else do you need to know?

Here are a few things that you may be wondering! 

What's the catch?

No catch! As a founding member, you'll have the opportunity to help build the community into something exceptional. I'm looking for people who are passionate about saving or improving their marriages to give input into the site. I certainly hope you will participate by logging in to the group a few times a week, contributing to the discussions, and answering any surveys I send out. But if you don't do all those things, I won't kick you out or increase your rate! I promise.

What kinds of courses will the Confetti Crew offer?

Pretty much anything marriage related you can imagine! 

The courses will cover a large variety of topics from biblical marriage truths to putting God first in your marriage, to building marriage foundations and communication skills. I will be surveying the community often to find out what you want to study next!

What if I don't find it useful?

If you are not getting $10 worth of value from the group each month, you are free to cancel your membership at any time. You won't be charged again. And since you can download, you are welcome to keep any of the content you paid for.

If you've got more questions, don't hesitate to email me at

Become a part of the Crew Today!

Get started today. Your best marriage is waiting for you inside the Confetti Crew membership. Don't wait to get the transformation underway. Just click the button to let me know if you are interested.

P.S. The time to get your marriage back on track is today. The longer you wait, the more difficult changes become. What do you think your marriage will be like in six months if you do nothing today?  Your chance to make life-changing marriage improvements has arrived. Will you take action?