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From Conflict to Communication

The 6-week program designed for married women who want to be conscious of their husband's communication style and drastically reduce the amount of conflict in their marriage.

"Understanding a Man's Communication Style

A guide for the woman who loves him 

Do you get frustrated because it seems like your husband is not actually listening to anything you say? Does his tendency to avoid deep conversations make you feel like he doesn't care?

This course is for every woman who wants to feel closer to her husband by improving the communication between them.

For four weeks, we will dig deep into the communication styles of men and learn how you can speak so he will listen. You'll also gain insight into how you can reduce the misunderstandings that cause friction in your marriage.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will be a part of six interactive lessons to improve your understanding of your spouse and their conversations and reactions.

  • Each Monday you will receive a short lesson video and a challenge to complete (or homework, to me, as a former teacher!)
  • Later in the week, we will schedule a live Q & A. It will be hosted on Zoom and simulcast on Facebook. The best way to get the most out of the experience is to jump on Zoom so you can ask questions in real time. 
  • We have a private Facebook group for everyone in the group where we will interact every day! That's where a lot of the goodness will happen!

Determine the issues

 First you Determine: You’ll identify the things that are hindering communication between you and your spouse. 

Develop a plan

Then we’ll Develop:  Then, put it all together and create a plan for approaching all kinds of topics so that there will be fewer misunderstandings and conflicts.

Discover your spouse

Next, you discover: We’ll go into detective mode and discover more about your husband and how he communicates.

Discern your purpose

Each of these steps is wrapped up in discernment. We’ll do each of these steps in light of the true purpose for your marriage.

What will you learn?

There are six scheduled lessons in the Conflict to Communication Program. Here's a preview of what you will learn in each one.


Lesson 1: Develop your Marriage Foundation

What is communication?

Biblical foundations for marriage and communication.


Lesson 2: Determine the issues

What are the triggers that cause conflicts in marriage?

How to change your reaction to triggers and create a calmer atmosphere.


Lesson 3: Discover your spouse: Gender differences

How are the brains of men and women different?

Why do men communicate, and what do they expect from it.


Lesson 4: Discover your spouse: Personality differences

How do different personality types communicate?

The different communication styles that explain how your husband communicates.


Lesson 5: Discover Your Spouse: Other differences

What other issues in your husband's life may explain why he communicates like he does?


Lesson 6: Devise a plan

Plan ahead for difficult conversations.

What are some other ways to get your point across without even talking.

About The Course Teacher, Tracey Rosenberger

Tracey Rosenberger has always been interested in doing everything she could to help couples work as a team to create a godly marriage that lasts. So when she retired early after nearly three decades of teaching, she turned her attention to helping Christian couples strengthen their marriages.

Tracey has been married to her husband Dan for almost 30 years! Although the marriage has never been perfect, they never let the word divorce creep into their conversations.

They have two grown children, Abby and Jared, and two adorable grandbabies! (But she's not biased at all! 

Two Different Options!

Click the images and see the difference.

A six-week marriage course for the cost of one marriage counseling session.

Marriage counseling  can be quite expensive. However, most couples can improve their marriages simply by  learning more about the natures of men and women and how they are uniquely made by God.

This course is one way to start your journey toward a more fulfilling marriage. 

The best part? Not only is the "Understanding a Man's Communication Style" course is the BEST way to get both community support expert marriage coaching from a Biblical perspective.

It's also the most cost-effective way to improve your marriage communication. Let's face it, marriage counseling is expensive. Depending where you live, you can pay anywhere from $50 to $200 or more for one hour! That means it could cost you up to $800 each month!

If you worry about the cost of getting support for your marriage, remember, a divorce will cost you much, much more (up to $10,000 each!) There are more costs than just money. Divorce can adversely affect your mental and physical health as well.

Pricing Plan

regular course

Six weekly lessons, Q&A sessions, and all course materials.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Private Facebook group
  • Access to All Modules
With coaching option

Six weekly lessons, Q&A sessions, and all course materials. PLUS one private coaching session!

  • Lifetime Access
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 minute private coaching call
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days from the start of the course.

We want to give you what you need to improve communication in your marriage. If, after the first week of lessons, you feel this course is not for you, we'll happily refund your money.

Experience all of the lessons, Q&A sessions, and group support for one week. You must participate fully in the activities in order to be eligible for the refund.

Now is the Time to Change Your Marriage. . .

And swap frustration and loneliness for communication that brings your relationship to a new level!

I have complete trust in your ability to captivate an audience on camera. And together, we’ll make it happen faster than you ever imagined possible.

All you need to do is take the first step . . . and accept that you deserve a marriage worth celebrating!

If you want to get even more out of this experience, consider signing up for the premium version of the Conflict to Communication  program, where you receive a one on one, private coaching call with Tracey to sort out issues you may be having. There are ONLY 10 premium slots available, so jump in fast!

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