37 Fun Summer Dates to Create Memories with your Spouse


How many times have you and your spouse been on a date night in the past three months? And no, grocery shopping doesn’t count. It’s time to decide upon some memorable summer dates.

Prioritizing your spouse is an essential part of developing a new mindset about your marriage. If you have been neglectful in scheduling your date nights the past few months (years?), now is a great time to get back on track with some summer dates. Remember that regular date nights give your marriage a boost and help reduce the divorce rate. Here’s why:

  • It’s a chance to communicate just one on one. Since we all continue to change as time passes, these nights can encourage conversation that will help us understand how our spouse is growing.
  • They keep your marriage fresh when you make a point of planning nights that are interesting and fun. Nix the weekly dinner and movie. Boring marriages are marriages at risk.
  • Puts the spark back (or keep it burning) in your marriage when you focus strictly on one another in a fun, flirty way.
  • Date nights show your partner you are committed to them. When you are willing to give up precious time to spend quality time with your partner, you confirm that they are unique to you and helps keep your marriage healthy.
  • Date nights help relieve stress by taking you out of the daily grind and enjoying the time you have with your spouse.

The Bible tells us to enjoy life with the person we married because that person is the best thing that is going to happen to us in our time on earth.

Live happily with the woman you love through the fleeting days of life, for the wife God gives you is your best reward down here for all your earthly toil. Ecclesiastes 9:9 TLB

With the summer season officially upon us, it’s time to make some plans for fun date nights. The warm weather and less hectic schedule give you the perfect opportunity to be creative and do things you might not otherwise think of doing.

And with so many choices here, you just might find so many ideas that you’ll have to do more than one a week. Wouldn’t that be a shame? ?

Gallery hopping: Look for local art galleries and spend time wandering through them searching. If this is not something you usually do, and you want to know how to get the most out of your visit, check out How to Visit an Art Gallery on WikiHow.

Games you used to play: Many of those old favorite playground games like kickball and dodgeball have been upgraded for adults! Check online to see if there is a game near you!
Watch the sunrise or set (picnic)

Go fishing: Don’t forget to check the regulations in your state to see if you need a license.

Picnic: pack up some of your favorite foods, head out to the park, and find a place to sit together. Enjoy your meal while you talk and dream about the future together.

Botanical gardens: Take a trip to a nearby botanical garden. Don’t only check out their plants and wildlife, but also look into their tours, educational displays, art exhibitions, book rooms, open-air theatrical and musical performances that may be available.

Outdoor movie: There are still many drive-in movies around the country, and many communities and organizations are holding outdoor movies.

Amusement park: How long has it been since you went to a theme park WITHOUT kids? This would be a great way to relax and have fun together, and it gives you a great excuse to grab on to your spouse and hold on tight!

Beach: If you are within driving distance of a beach, whether it’s the ocean or a state park, slap on the sunscreen and head out for a relaxing day for just the two of you.

Hotel Day Pass: You don’t have to stay over to enjoy the amenities of a nearby hotel. Some of them will sell you a pass to use the facilities for the day. Depending on the hotel, it can include pools, saunas, or spas!

Bike ride: It’s true. You don’t forget how to ride a bike. Find a nearby park to ride together. And if you don’t have a bike, look for places that rent them or check out a bike park.

Ice cream crawl: An ice cream crawl is basically a tour of local ice cream shops in a particular area. Some areas have an “official” crawl, or you can just google the ice cream shops and make your own tour to enjoy different kinds of ice cream!

Water sports: Do you have a river or lake nearby? Take a day and go canoeing or try your hand on the jet skis.

Farmers’ Markets: Find out when the local farmers’ market is open and go searching for some fresh fruits and veggies. Then go home and cook something up together.

Stargazing: Get out away from city lights and spend the evening looking up at the sky together. Download star charts or add a stargazing app to your phone so you know what you are looking at.

Selfie Date: Take a walk around town and take selfies with all of the local attractions. Focus that camera more on the two of you than the scenery.

Tubing: Get some inner tubes for river floating (they sell them on Amazon) and spend a lazy day cruising down a nearby creek or river. You can also look online for nearby businesses that rent the tubes so you can float down their waterway!

Food trucks: Look up the local food trucks and create a plan to try as many of them as possible!

Grilling: Do some research to find some new ways to grill food or try cooking something you have never done before.

Driving range: Don’t play golf? Doesn’t matter, and in fact, it could create an incredibly entertaining evening!

Picking fruit or berries: There are so many fresh fruits and berries that come into season during the summer, and lots of orchards and farms that allow you to pick your own. Grab some baskets and get picking! These would be great for baking when you get home!

Cooking class: Like to cook? Take a cooking class together and learn how to make something new and delicious!

Volunteer together: Those in need don’t have the chance to enjoy the summer as you do. Choose a charity that means something to both of you and offer your services. It will give you a stronger connection and something new to talk about.

Campout: Find a campground or just pitch a tent in the backyard. Enjoy some alone time in the great outdoors.

Parking: You probably did it when you were young, but it’s been a while. Find a secluded space and have some fun.

Minor league baseball games: Even if you don’t enjoy sports, minor league baseball gives you a chance to get outside, have some yummy food and drink, and enjoy the between-inning festivities. And the cost is much less than it would be at a major league park.

Outdoor concert: Artists from all genres, including orchestras, offer outdoor concerts during the summer. Pick your favorite and make a night out of it.

Day trip to a new town: Go somewhere you’ve never been before, grab a visitor’s guide, and go exploring. You never know what you might find!

Hike: Find a nearby trail and get moving! Don’t forget to bring water!

Hot air balloon ride: Most people have this on their bucket list. Make this the year that you actually do it!

Segway tours: Many cities and historical attractions have guided tours where the participants ride on a segway instead of walking or riding a bus.

Carnivals: It seems like there’s one every week somewhere. Drop in, ride some rides, eat some junk food, and win some prizes!

Indoor rock climbing: It may not be an outdoor activity, but it could lead to one if you really enjoy it.

Flea markets: Usually in the mornings on the weekends, flea markets offer you the chance to do some treasure hunting.

Take a ferry ride: Whether you want to take your car to the other side or not, a trip across the water can be relaxing and offer uninterrupted time to talk.

Festivals: There’s a wide variety of festivals everywhere during the summer months. Whether you are interested in music or strawberries, there is something for every couple to enjoy.

Zoo: Many zoos are either free or relatively inexpensive. If you go without the kids, you might actually be able to read the information about the different animals!

It’s easy to let your couple time get shut out by all the demands that are put on us. But don’t let it be an excuse. Get out there. Enjoy time together and keep making memories.