How to Find Hope for Your Marriage


The success of your marriage, or lack thereof, is all in your head.

Wait. Relax. Let me explain.

Like all of us, you have a set of beliefs about marriage bouncing around in your head. Those beliefs formed from all of your experiences with marriage from the day you were born until now. Your brain stores everything you have witnessed, and it creates a frame of reference that you draw from daily.

And that framework affects how you react to every situation in your marriage.

Here’s how.

How your mindset affects your marriage

Those beliefs that you have acquired along the way have developed into thoughts that are guiding your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you don’t hear them because they are not always conscious thoughts, but they are still just below the surface and ready to emerge whenever you experience conflict or stress in your marriage.

Then, once those thoughts show up, they will be demonstrated in your words and actions (both good and bad). Your words and actions toward your spouse will then affect your level of success in your relationship.

Your mindsets determine your outcomes. If you think negatively about your marriage, your marriage will struggle. Think positively and Biblically, and you can find hope for your marriage.

These beliefs and thoughts make up your marriage mindset which determines your satisfaction with your marriage. Your mindset is a deciding factor in your success in every area of your life. And creating a mindset based on Biblical principles increases your chance of success exponentially.

A Solution for you

Do you have a positive attitude about your marriage? Do you understand and live out God’s plan for marriage? Do you feel like you can grow and thrive in your marriage just as it is forever? Is there hope for your marriage to survive long-term?

If your answer to any of those questions is no, I want to help you defeat those mindsets!

I observed first-hand the effects of divorce on kids since I spent 27 years as an elementary school teacher. I’ve also witnessed countless marriages break up that probably could have been saved with just a bit of a tweak in their belief system. Divorce has affected the lives of way too many people, and Christians are not immune from this outcome.

That’s why I created an online course for you called The Power of a Positive Marriage Mindset: How to reduce conflict and increase contentment in your marriage. I want to help you develop a marriage mindset that includes insight into why God created marriage, how we can use biblical principles to grow our unions, reduce the number and intensity of conflicts, and be simply be happier.

Improve your marriage mindset with our new course.

This course is perfect for those of you who want to find new hope in your marriage by using Biblical principles and a little common sense.

Benefits of the course

After taking this course, you will be able to explain

  • What are the foundations of biblical marriage?
  • What are mindsets and are they Biblical?
  • How can the Seven Mindsets each improve my relationship?

When you apply a positive Biblical mindset to your marriage, you will begin to see your relationship in a new way.

  • You won’t get as easily agitated and therefore reduce the number of arguments you and your spouse have.
  • You’ll utilize some of the action steps to use as you aim to apply the mindsets to your day-to-day married life.
  • You will see your spouse in a different light and feel closer to them.
  • You will find hope for your marriage and its long-term survival.

What to expect

If you enroll in this course, you will receive twelve lessons focused on the foundations of Biblical marriage as well as Information explaining how to utilize the seven mindsets and find hope for your marriage. The lessons are in video format, each lasting less than ten minutes. 

The course will last for six weeks. Two lessons will be made available each week, most likely on Mondays and Thursdays. I’m giving you a few days in between lessons because I believe that you need time to process the information, pray about it and begin to make changes. Huge improvements do not come overnight, and I want to make sure you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.

You will have access to our Private Facebook group. In this group, you will receive reminders and information that make you more accountable. You’ll also be able to share and pray with others who are going through similar circumstances as you.

Once a week, there will be a Facebook Live session with me to encourage you along and answer questions, and celebrate wins along the way.

You will receive a downloadable PDF journal where you will be able to reflect on the lessons and set goals for yourself.

Give me more details

The first lesson will be sent out on March 25. With two lessons a week, the course should wrap up on May 3.

Right now, the course is in what is called the “Pre-launch” phase. I won’t be formally launching it to the public for two weeks. So, if you are willing to jump on board with me before March 5, you will get a special pre-launch discount.

Beginning on March 5, the course will start selling for $197, but until then, you will be able to snag it for only $97! That’s a discount of over 50%! Use the code PRELAUNCH100 when you purchase the program.

You can take this course alone, or with your spouse at no extra cost!

What if I’m not satisfied?

If you watch all the lessons and do all the work, and you still believe you have not gained anything from the course, you can apply for a full refund from lesson 3 up until the end of lesson 6. You just need to send me a message with a copy of your completed journal to demonstrate your effort to apply the principles.

There are two things to remember when it comes to the effectiveness of the program:

First, everyone’s marriage is different. Some of you are just looking to grow your relationship with your spouse, and some of you are hoping this will save your marriage.

I can’t guarantee that this course will fix everything, but you will see improvements in your own mindset. If you give the lessons your very best effort and try to integrate the mindsets into your everyday life, you should become more positive and optimistic about your marriage.

Second, you can only control your own actions, especially if your spouse refuses to take this journey with you.  These changes will help you see more clearly the potential that your marriage has for success.

There is hope for your marriage

Through this course’s materials, you can begin to change even the most automatic reactions to your marital issues. No one is stuck unless they choose to be. God can do anything if you allow Him to change your heart, God can do anything.

I hope you will take advantage of all this course has to offer. There is hope for your marriage.

Click here to sign up!

There is hope for your marriage. Try our mindset course.

(I know there are extreme cases where divorce is necessary for the safety of one of the partners. If you are experiencing this, my program is not for you. Get professional help now.)

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