How to Pray to Tear Down Walls in Your Marriage

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Are you and your spouse operating as “One Flesh” today? Or are there walls being erected between you? Maybe you worry that the walls are never going to allow you to reconnect with your spouse. Read this poem from an unknown author.



They say a wife and husband,
Bit by bit,
Can rear between themselves a mighty wall,
So thick they cannot speak with ease through it,
Nor can they see across it, it stands so tall.
Its nearness frightens them, but each alone
Is powerless to tear its bulk away; and each
Dejected wishes he had known
For such a wall, some magic thing to say.
So let us build with master art, my dear,
A bridge of love between your life and mine,
A bridge of tenderness, and very near,
A bridge of understanding, strong and fine,
Till we have formed so many lovely ties,
There never will be room for walls to rise.




Build Bridges, Not Walls

It’s never too late in marriage for you to begin the building of the bridges referred to in this poem. As you pray for the oneness of your marriage, pray for those bridges to connect you. Love, tenderness, and understanding can go a long way to improve your relationship.

Getting to a level of relational intimacy in a marriage that is referred to as one flesh involves a great deal of work. It does not occur automatically with marriage. It involves becoming transparent with one another and emphasizing communication and trust, which oftentimes can be difficult. This is an aspect of the one-flesh relationship that is frequently overlooked. (William Tillman – Understanding Christian Ethics)

Take an honest look at your relationship with your spouse today. Are there walls forming where the bridges should be. Pray for your marriage today, and take action to improve it by being more understanding, caring, and loving.




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