6 Reasons you need to Pray for Your Spouse Every Day


When was the last time you really prayed for your spouse? Don’t worry, I’m not accusing. I happen to be one of most ADD pray-ers on the planet, and I’m not that good at doing anything consistently. However, I know that prayer for my husband and my marriage is part of having proper priorities. My priorities help to create a long-lasting, durable relationship.

So if I want a healthy marriage, I need a more consistent time spent praying for it. You do too.


When you know that your spouse is praying for you, you become keenly aware that someone always on your side. They’ve got your back no matter what. The pressures of life and marriage can tear anyone down, and everyone needs the prayers of others to prevent that. Their prayers can also build you back up when you need it.

Reasons to Pray for Your Spouse

Here are some reasons that you should pray for your spouse every day.

However, remember that when you pray for your spouse, you should not be praying that God will change them into what you want, but instead into what He wants.

More Satisfying Marriage

When you pray, those prayers can cause your spouse to follow God more intimately. They can help your spouse become more like Jesus. The closer each of you is to God; the more stable and satisfying your marriage will be.

Be One Flesh

Praying daily for your spouse reminds you what it means to be married. I know you know you are married, but how often do we actually think about what the means? When you pray for your spouse, think about the marriage God wants you to have. Remember that you are one flesh and that your marriage is a demonstration to the world about Jesus and His love for His Church. This recognition will cause you to go deeper into your prayers, not just to breeze through your prayer time skimming the surface.

Being one flesh is about more than just sex. In the book, When TWO People Become ONE Flesh, Mitchell and Rhonda Owens explain many ways you are one with your spouse when you are married.

Improve Your Attitude

Especially at times when you may not have the best, most loving thoughts about marriage, praying specifically for your spouse will help lessen those thoughts as you pray for him. When you remember that your spouse is not perfect, and see them as someone who needs God’s help just as much as you do, you may be able to alleviate some of that anger or hurt.

Avoid Temptation

Temptation is easily accessible in today’s world, and Satan is throwing some of his worst stuff at marriages right now. He tries to trick you into doing things we shouldn’t do and saying things you shouldn’t say to the person you married. When you pray, you can give your spouse supernatural resistance to the way too available sins of the world.

New View of Your Spouse

When you pray, God will reveal to you His view of your spouse. You will begin to see him as Jesus does. And when He shows you that perspective, realize that you should show the same love to them as Jesus does every day.

Powerful Marriage

Lastly, your marriage will experience more of God’s power. You will be more effective as a couple in your witness, your ministry, and your purpose. God can accomplish incredible things through those who pray.


So, what have we learned?

?Don’t just pray for your spouse to check it off on your to-do list. Recognize its importance in both your lives.

?Don’t just skim the surface. Access the power God has for your marriage.

?Look for the impacts in your spouse’s life. God can make the changes. You can’t.

Remember, marriage is your top priority, except for God. Give your spouse the prayer time they deserve.

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